Easy Drop-in Payment Acceptance

v.zero is the easiest way to accept PayPal, credit cards, and many other payment methods. It is the recommended payment acceptance solution for supported countries.

PayPal Mobile SDKs

In countries where v.zero is not available, or to access other features of the PayPal REST API from a mobile app, the native libraries of the PayPal Mobile SDKs enable you to build fast, responsive apps for the following use cases:

  • Single payments. For single payments, your app can accept PayPal and credit-card payments.

  • Future payments. Customers can consent to making future PayPal payments. After customers consent, you can store the payment information so it's easier to accept ongoing payments. This functionality is not yet available for credit card payments. See Make future payments.

Using the PayPal Mobile SDKs

To utilize these PayPal SDKs, you will need to obtain the following after downloading the SDK from PayPal's GitHub:

  1. Get your credentials, which identify your PayPal account as the payment receiver. Specifically, obtain a client ID and secret (see Manage your applications).

  2. Follow the instructions in the Readme file and associated files:


    • Credentials for the sandbox environment are different from credentials for the live environment.
    • For single payments, your app must receive a proof of payment; see Verify a mobile payment.
    • For future payments, also see Make future payments.

Advanced payment features using legacy mobile SDKs

  1. Mobile Express Checkout — For existing Express Checkout integrations, or additional features, we recommend Mobile Express Checkout.

  2. Parallel or Chained Payments — To incorporate features such as third-party, parallel, and chained payments into your mobile apps see the Mobile Payment Library (MPL) on GitHub and MPL documentation. Issues related to MPL should be filed in the following repository: sdk-packages


You can use PayPal's SDKs in any country where PayPal is accepted.


See the above-mentioned links for each SDK type and its accompanying documentation.

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