Add a financing banner ad to your website, email, or eBay store


PayPal offers free banner ads you can put on your website, in emails, and on your eBay store to let your customers know they can finance their purchases through PayPal Credit® (formerly Bill Me Later®). Advertising financing is a great way to increase your sales and get larger orders.

You can see a demo of a financing banner on the PayPal Demo.

Note: (UK merchants) Credit is a regulated activity in the UK. Before integrating a PayPal Credit button, you must be authorized to act as a credit broker and have a credit agreement with PayPal. For more information, speak to your Customer Success Manager (CSM) or contact business customer support

Implementing a financing banner

To get started:

  1. If you're not using PayPal to accept payments on your website, you'll need to set up a PayPal account with a qualifying PayPal payment solution that supports PayPal Credit® (formerly Bill Me Later®).
  2. Log in to the Financing app with the username and password of your PayPal business account.
  3. Follow the directions on the screen. The app walks you through adding credit messages and banners to your site, credit messages to your emails, and adding a PayPal Credit button to your checkout page.
  4. Publish your changes.