Example Integrations with Drop-in

Using the Examplesanchor

We have created example repositories on GitHub with end-to-end integrations for each server-side language that Braintree supports. These examples use our Drop-in UI for web for the client-side integration.


Running example reposanchor

The end-to-end example integrations are made to run on a local server or on Heroku. You'll need a Braintree sandbox account and a couple of things handy:

  • Merchant ID
  • Public key
  • Private key

For details on where to find these values, see our support articles.

To set up an example locally, follow the setup instructions found in the project's README.

Test with the examplesanchor

Once you have the example repository up and running in your chosen server language, you should be able to run some test transactions.

Test credit cardsanchor

Try making some credit card transactions with our test card numbers. See our testing reference for more information on testing transactions.

PayPal sandboxanchor

To test PayPal transactions, follow the instructions for linking a PayPal sandbox account with your Braintree sandbox account. You will then be able to go through a sandbox PayPal flow through the Drop-in UI and log in to PayPal with your sandbox credentials.