3rd Party Marketplaces


Marketplace solution providers allow you to set up a personal storefront within a sellers' conglomerate or specialty platform. This list represents the most popular marketplace solution providers that support PayPal integration.

eBay e-Junkie JVZoo

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eBay is one the world's largest marketplaces, allowing sellers to set up individual "stores" that reach all of its 100 million registered buyers. See the eBay Seller page.

eBay Logo PayPal Product Supported Features Get Help
Website Payments Pro 3.0 Sale eBay Seller Center
Payflow Pro Sale
CreditCard Type Selection
PF UserField
AVS CSC Optional


e-Junkie is a marketplace for the creative. Writers, artists, and DYI-ers can easily turn their talent and intellectual property into a business selling digital downloads such as e-books, music, e-lessons, etc. See the e-Junkie PayPal promo page.

e-Junkie Logo PayPal Product Supported Features Get Help
Website Payments Standard PayPal Standard Integrate Payments Standard
PayPal Payments Advanced Payflow Link PF UserField Integrate Payments Advanced
Payflow Pro PF UserField Integrate Payflow Pro
Website Payments Pro 3.0 Grant Permissions Integrate Payments Pro
Braintree Auth Only
Authorize and Capture


JVZoo's software as a service (SaaS) platform acts as a marketplace, as well as a hub for expanding your online presence through it's multi-channel affiliate network. See the JVZoo PayPal partner page.

JVZoo Logo PayPal Product Supported Features
Express Checkout Sale