Shopping cart troubleshooting


PayPal connects you to established third-party shopping carts. If you are experiencing a problem during integration, this page provides you with some troubleshooting tips and how to contact PayPal support.

Troubleshooting tips

Some typical issues with third-party cart integration include providing the proper credentials, where to find that information, how to enter it in, and making sure you've signed up for and enabled the correct PayPal products.

  1. Your solution provider may ask for the following credentials:

  2. Enter the above information with no leading or trailing spaces.
  3. Make sure you have signed up and are enabled for the payment processing product your solution uses.

    Note: Not all PayPal products are available in all countries. Please visit the docs catalog and select your country to see a list of available products. Please contact Customer Support through the Contact page within your PayPal account to obtain application steps.

  4. Make sure you provide the correct environment's credentials. PayPal has two environments, sandbox and live. Sandbox is where you test. Live processes actual payments. Pass the set of credentials your provider is asking for. Your provider may ask for "production" credentials. This is PayPal's live set.
  5. Make sure that PayPal is enabled as a payment method on your solution side.

PayPal support

If you're still having trouble after checking all of those items, you may need to get some help from PayPal's Merchant Technical Support team.

To contact support, log into PayPal Support to create a ticket.

Please provide support with:

  1. Who your ecommerce provider is and what PayPal products you are integrating with on their platform.
  2. Any error messages you are seeing during integration.
  3. The time the error occurred.
  4. Screenshots, if possible, showing the error.
  5. Any error logs showing payment request and processing efforts you can get from your solution provider or your developer.