PayPal Commerce Platform

Note: This is version 1 of the PayPal Commerce Platform (for integrations before February 2019).

New customers should integrate version 2. For more information, contact your PayPal account manager.

The PayPal Commerce Platform offers marketplaces, crowdfunding, and other commerce platforms a powerful and flexible payment processing solution.

Solutions for partners are a combination of REST APIs and tailored PayPal products like Smart Payment Buttons. The fastest way to get started is to start the engineering and business workflows at the same time.

Customize your solution

Answer a short set of questions and PayPal will customize a solution complete with demos and code you can review. If you'd like PayPal to set up and manage an end-to-end solution instead, contact your PayPal account manager.

PayPal Commerce Platform use cases

Use the PayPal Commerce Platform to:

  • Accept payments from customers around the world.
  • Help manage the risk inherent in processing payments.
  • Accept payments by credit and debit cards, banks, alternative payment methods, PayPal balance, and more.
  • Get your sellers ready to accept payments quickly with streamlined onboarding.
Help grow your business faster with the PayPal Commerce Platform

Set up quickly

Enabling payment acceptance is easy. Your customers can set up and get paid quickly.

Design your experience

Customize payments at the transaction level. Set payout timing, collect transaction fees, and more.

Go global

PayPal has the experience to help you navigate the nuances of regional regulations.