Integration Options

You can use the Invoicing API to create and send invoices that bill and accept payments from customers, manage invoices, and create and manage templates. You can test these invoice operations in the sandbox.

Basic integration
Create and send invoices

You can create a draft invoice and send it to customers in the way that you want. PayPal can email your customers directly or you can share an invoice link in an email to your customers.

Integrate invoices
Manage invoices

After you create and send invoices, you can list invoices, view invoice details including status, send reminders, delete draft invoices or cancel sent invoices, mark invoices as paid or refunded, and set up webhooks to be notified about invoice activity.

Integrate templates
Create and manage templates

You can use templates to store details that you commonly use in all your invoices, such as your business information, item details, terms and conditions, and any custom settings. Use the Invoicing API or the web UI to create templates. Then, you can add invoice details and custom settings from the template to an invoice.

Test invoices
Test invoices

You can use the PayPal sandbox to complete an end-to-end test of your invoicing integration, including creating, sending, managing, and paying invoices.

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