Webhook event names

PayPal supports these webhook events.

Note: The following tables are sorted by webhook event name in ascending order.

Authorized and captured payments

Event Triggered when Related method
PAYMENT.AUTHORIZATION.CREATED A payment authorization is created, approved, executed, or a future payment authorization is created. Create payment with intent set to authorize
PAYMENT.AUTHORIZATION.VOIDED A payment authorization is voided. Void authorization
PAYMENT.CAPTURE.COMPLETED A payment capture completes. Show captured payment details
PAYMENT.CAPTURE.DENIED A payment capture is denied. Show captured payment details
PAYMENT.CAPTURE.PENDING The state of a payment capture changes to pending. Show captured payment details
PAYMENT.CAPTURE.REFUNDED A merchant refunds a payment capture. Refund captured payment
PAYMENT.CAPTURE.REVERSED PayPal reverses a payment capture. Refund captured payment

Note: PayPal supports only PayPal authorizations.

Batch payouts

Event Triggered when Related method
PAYMENT.PAYOUTSBATCH.DENIED A batch payout payment is denied. Show payout details
PAYMENT.PAYOUTSBATCH.PROCESSING The state of a batch payout payment changes to processing. Show payout details
PAYMENT.PAYOUTSBATCH.SUCCESS A batch payout payment completes successfully. Show payout details
PAYMENT.PAYOUTS-ITEM.BLOCKED A payouts item is blocked. Show payout item details
PAYMENT.PAYOUTS-ITEM.CANCELED A payouts item is canceled. Cancel unclaimed payout item
PAYMENT.PAYOUTS-ITEM.DENIED A payouts item is denied. Show payout item details
PAYMENT.PAYOUTS-ITEM.FAILED A payouts item fails. Show payout item details
PAYMENT.PAYOUTS-ITEM.HELD A payouts item is held. Show payout item details
PAYMENT.PAYOUTS-ITEM.REFUNDED A payouts item is refunded. Show payout item details
PAYMENT.PAYOUTS-ITEM.RETURNED A payouts item is returned. Show payout item details
PAYMENT.PAYOUTS-ITEM.SUCCEEDED A payouts item succeeds. Show payout item details
PAYMENT.PAYOUTS-ITEM.UNCLAIMED A payouts item is unclaimed. Show payout item details

Note: The PAYOUTSBATCH webhooks do not contain item-related information.

To get item-related information, use the HATEOAS links from the webhooks response.

Billing plans and agreements

Event Triggered when Related method
BILLING_AGREEMENTS.AGREEMENT.CREATED A billing agreement is created. Create billing agreement
BILLING_AGREEMENTS.AGREEMENT.CANCELLED A billing agreement is cancelled. Cancel billing agreement
BILLING.PLAN.CREATED A billing plan is created. Create billing plan
BILLING.PLAN.UPDATED A billing plan is updated. Update billing plan
BILLING.SUBSCRIPTION.CANCELLED A billing agreement is canceled. Cancel agreement
BILLING.SUBSCRIPTION.CREATED A billing agreement is created. Create agreement
BILLING.SUBSCRIPTION.RE-ACTIVATED A billing agreement is re-activated. Re-activate agreement
BILLING.SUBSCRIPTION.SUSPENDED A billing agreement is suspended. Suspend agreement
BILLING.SUBSCRIPTION.UPDATED A billing agreement is updated. Update agreement

Connect with PayPal

Event Triggered when Related method
IDENTITY.AUTHORIZATION-CONSENT.REVOKED A user's consent token is revoked. Not applicable

Customer disputes

Event Triggered when Related method
CUSTOMER.DISPUTE.CREATED A customer dispute is created. N/A
CUSTOMER.DISPUTE.RESOLVED A customer dispute is resolved. Settle dispute
CUSTOMER.DISPUTE.UPDATED A customer dispute is updated. Partially update dispute
RISK.DISPUTE.CREATED A risk dispute is created. The CUSTOMER.DISPUTE.CREATED event type supersedes and deprecates this event type.


Event Triggered when Related method
INVOICING.INVOICE.CANCELLED A merchant or customer cancels an invoice. Cancel invoice
INVOICING.INVOICE.CREATED An invoice is created. Create draft invoice
INVOICING.INVOICE.PAID An invoice is paid, partially paid, or payment is made and is pending. Mark invoice as paid
INVOICING.INVOICE.REFUNDED An invoice is refunded or partially refunded. Mark invoice as refunded
INVOICING.INVOICE.SCHEDULED An invoice is scheduled. Schedule invoice
INVOICING.INVOICE.UPDATED An invoice is updated. Update invoice

Merchant onboarding

Event Triggered when Related method
MERCHANT.ONBOARDING.COMPLETED A merchant completes setup. Seller Onboarding
The consents for a merchant account setup are revoked or an account is closed. Seller Onboarding


Event Triggered when Related method
CHECKOUT.ORDER.PROCESSED A checkout order is processed. Orders API
CHECKOUT.ORDER.SAVED A checkout order is saved. Orders API
CHECKOUT.ORDER.VOIDED A checkout order is voided. Orders API


Event Triggered when Related method
CUSTOMER.ACCOUNT-LIMITATION.ADDED A limitation is added for a partner's merchant account. Update merchant account
CUSTOMER.ACCOUNT-LIMITATION.ESCALATED A limitation is escalated for a partner's merchant account. Update merchant account
CUSTOMER.ACCOUNT-LIMITATION.LIFTED A limitation is lifted for a partner's merchant account. Update merchant account
CUSTOMER.ACCOUNT-LIMITATION.UPDATED A limitation is updated for a partner's merchant account. Update merchant account

Payment orders

Event Triggered when Related method
PAYMENT.ORDER.CANCELLED A payment order is canceled. Void order
PAYMENT.ORDER.CREATED A payment order is created. Create payment

Referenced payouts

Event Triggered when Related method
PAYMENT.REFERENCED-PAYOUT-ITEM.COMPLETED Funds are disbursed to the seller and partner. Create referenced payout item
PAYMENT.REFERENCED-PAYOUT-ITEM.FAILED Attempt to disburse funds fails. Create referenced payout item


Event Triggered when Related method
PAYMENT.SALE.COMPLETED A sale completes. Show sale details
PAYMENT.SALE.DENIED The state of a sale changes from pending to denied. Show sale details
PAYMENT.SALE.PENDING The state of a sale changes to pending. Show sale details
PAYMENT.SALE.REFUNDED A merchant refunds a sale. Refund sale
PAYMENT.SALE.REVERSED PayPal reverses a sale. Refund sale


Event Triggered when Related method
VAULT.CREDIT-CARD.CREATED A credit card is created. Store credit card
VAULT.CREDIT-CARD.DELETED A credit card is deleted. Delete vaulted credit card
VAULT.CREDIT-CARD.UPDATED A credit card is updated. Update vaulted credit card

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