Webhook event names

The supported webhook events are:

Billing plan and subscriptions

Event Triggered when
BILLING.PLAN.CREATED A billing plan is created.
BILLING.PLAN.UPDATED A billing plan is updated.
BILLING.SUBSCRIPTION.CANCELLED A billing subscription is canceled.
BILLING.SUBSCRIPTION.CREATED A billing subscription is created.
BILLING.SUBSCRIPTION.RE-ACTIVATED A billing subscription is re-activated.
BILLING.SUBSCRIPTION.SUSPENDED A billing subscription is suspended.
BILLING.SUBSCRIPTION.UPDATED A billing subscription is updated.

Customer disputes

Event Triggered when
CUSTOMER.DISPUTE.CREATED A customer dispute is created.
CUSTOMER.DISPUTE.RESOLVED A customer dispute is resolved.
RISK.DISPUTE.CREATED A risk dispute is created.

Note: The CUSTOMER.DISPUTE.CREATED event type supersedes and deprecates the RISK.DISPUTE.CREATED event type.


Event Triggered when
IDENTITY.AUTHORIZATION-CONSENT.REVOKED A user's consent token is revoked.


Event Triggered when
INVOICING.INVOICE.PAID An invoice is paid.
INVOICING.INVOICE.REFUNDED An invoice is refunded.

Payment authorizations

Event Triggered when
PAYMENT.AUTHORIZATION.CREATED A payment authorization is created, approved, executed, or a future payment authorization is created.
PAYMENT.AUTHORIZATION.VOIDED A payment authorization is voided.

Note: PayPal supports PayPal authorizations only.

Payment captures

Event Triggered when
PAYMENT.CAPTURE.COMPLETED A payment capture is completed.
PAYMENT.CAPTURE.DENIED A payment capture is denied.
PAYMENT.CAPTURE.PENDING The state of a payment capture changes to pending.
PAYMENT.CAPTURE.REFUNDED Merchant refunds a payment capture.
PAYMENT.CAPTURE.REVERSED PayPal reverses a payment capture.

Batch payouts

Event Triggered when
PAYMENT.PAYOUTSBATCH.DENIED A batch payout payment is denied.
PAYMENT.PAYOUTSBATCH.PROCESSING The state of a batch payout payment changes to processing.
PAYMENT.PAYOUTSBATCH.SUCCESS A batch payout payment successfully completes processing.
PAYMENT.PAYOUTS-ITEM.BLOCKED A payouts item was blocked.
PAYMENT.PAYOUTS-ITEM.CANCELED A payouts item was cancelled.
PAYMENT.PAYOUTS-ITEM.DENIED A payouts item was denied.
PAYMENT.PAYOUTS-ITEM.FAILED A payouts item has failed.
PAYMENT.PAYOUTS-ITEM.HELD A payouts item is held.
PAYMENT.PAYOUTS-ITEM.REFUNDED A payouts item was refunded.
PAYMENT.PAYOUTS-ITEM.RETURNED A payouts item is returned.
PAYMENT.PAYOUTS-ITEM.SUCCEEDED A payouts item has succeeded.
PAYMENT.PAYOUTS-ITEM.UNCLAIMED A payouts item is unclaimed.

Note: The PAYOUTSBATCH webhooks do not contain item-related information. Use the HATEOAS links from the webhooks response to get item-related information.


Event Triggered when
PAYMENT.SALE.COMPLETED A sale is completed.
PAYMENT.SALE.DENIED The state of a sale changes from pending to denied.
PAYMENT.SALE.PENDING The state of a sale changes to pending.
PAYMENT.SALE.REFUNDED Merchant refunds the sale.
PAYMENT.SALE.REVERSED PayPal reverses a sale.


Event Triggered when
VAULT.CREDIT-CARD.CREATED A credit card was created.
VAULT.CREDIT-CARD.DELETED A credit card was deleted.
VAULT.CREDIT-CARD.UPDATED A credit card was updated.

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