Create subscriptions to bill customers at regular intervals

DocsCurrentLast updated: March 31st 2023, @ 7:55:03 am

Create subscriptions to bill customers at regular intervals. You can customize a subscriptions integration to:

  • Create plans that charge users a fixed amount at regular intervals or a variable amount based on the number of users subscribed.
  • Create plans that charge users based on volume or tier.
  • Offer your subscribers free or discounted trials.
  • Enable subscribers to upgrade or downgrade their plans.
  • Automate payment recovery for failed payments.

How it works

How subscriptions work

  1. Create a product to represent your goods or services.
  2. Create a plan to represent the payment cycles for your subscription.
  3. Use the JavaScript SDK to present the PayPal button, which starts the subscription process.
  4. The buyer agrees and subscribes.
  5. The button calls the Subscriptions API to create the subscription.
  6. The buyer sees the subscription confirmation.

Choose a Subscriptions solution

Subscriptions REST APIs

Customize Subscriptions to fit into your product UI

If you have your own product UI, you can customize the Subscriptions APIs and integrate them into your product.

PayPal business account

Manage Subscriptions on your account dashboard

Recommended if you don't need to integrate Subscriptions into your product UI.