Create subscriptions to bill customers at regular intervals

DocsCurrentLast updated: October 6th 2021, @ 7:10:14 pm

You can use our flexible APIs to create a subscription to fit your business needs. Learn about the features you can use to plan your subscription model and customize this integration, for example:

How it works

How subscriptions work

  1. Create a product to represent your goods or services.
  2. Create a plan to represent the payment cycles for your subscription.
  3. Use the PayPal JavaScript SDK to present the PayPal button. When the buyer selects the button, the subscription experience begins.
  4. The buyer agrees and subscribes.
  5. The button calls the PayPal Subscriptions API to create the subscription.
  6. The buyer sees the subscription confirmation.

Integration methods

Subscriptions REST APICustomize Subscriptions to fit into your product UI.
PayPal Business account dashboardRecommended if you don't need to integrate Subscriptions into your product UI.