PayPal Commerce Platform for Marketplaces and Platforms

PayPal Commerce Platform is a full-stack solution that offers marketplaces and other commerce platforms powerful and flexible payment processing capabilities.

Set up quickly

Enabling payment acceptance is easy. Your customers can set up and get paid quickly.

Design your experience

Customize payments at the transaction level. Set payout timing, collect transaction fees, and more.

Go global

PayPal has the experience to help you navigate the nuances of regional regulations.

Get started

Get started integrating PayPal Commerce Platform by getting your API credentials and sandbox account information.

Onboard sellers

Onboard sellers onto your platform while retaining control of the experience.

Accept payments

Accept payments from customers all over the world.

Make payments

Make payments to multiple recipients at once.

Manage risk

Manage risk by automating dispute resolution and handling refunds.

Streamline operations

Streamline operations with detailed reconciliation reports and transaction history.

Get support

Connect with our support community.