Sell on social media

Enable subscriptions on social media platforms

DocsCurrentLast updated: October 6th 2021, @ 7:10:14 pm

You can accept subscriptions on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter in a seamless way by generating a weblink and sharing it with your customers. This use case is helpful for merchants who don’t have a website and want to enable subscription payments for their customers.

Know before you begin

You'll use the Manage Subscriptions dashboard to get a link for social media platforms.

  1. Go to Manage subscriptions in your business account dashboard.

  2. Choose an existing subscription plan (or create a plan) and copy the link for it.

    Important: Links to your subscriptions are good for six months.

  3. Add the link and enable it on your social media handle. You can also share the link by email or SMS channel with your customer.

  4. After your customer signs up for the subscription, manage the subscription lifecycle in the subscriptions dashboard.