Integration Guidance - China

DocsCurrentLast updated: December 4th 2023, @ 6:57:02 am

To better serve our merchants in China, PayPal recently announced the acquisition of Guofubao Information Technology Co., Ltd., also known as GoPay. GoPay is a China-based payment institution licensed by the People’s Bank of China to provide internet and mobile payment services in Mainland China.

PayPal will provide online payments services in China on a new platform through GoPay, the PayPal China Platform. Among other benefits, the PayPal China Platform allows merchants in China to receive cross-border payments and to have foreign currency payments settle in CNY.

Merchants in China who want to continue using PayPal’s global products and services to receive commercial payments need to change to a PayPal China account on the PayPal China Platform.

Refer to the email you received from PayPal outlining key dates for completing this migration.

Do I have to change my integration?

The short answer is no, but there are reasons you might want to consider updating your integration. When you migrate to a PayPal China account, you will settle transactions in CNY rather than in the original transaction currency. The Integration updates for PayPal China accounts page contains detailed information about integration-related changes, but the high-level overview is:

  • Your checkout integration will continue to work without issue, whether it's Express Checkout or PayPal Checkout and regardless of the integration method (NVP/SOAP, REST API, IPN notifications, or webhooks).
  • Some of our API responses return additional response fields because of the settlement change. Depending on the needs of your business, you can leave your integration as it is or choose to consume the additional response fields related to cross-border transactions.
  • Your PayPal China account displays commerce activities only, so we provide only the reports and report specifications that support those activities. You can switch account views to see payment and settlement-related activities.

Next step: Use the information in Integration updates for PayPal China accounts to:

  • Understand the details about the changes and decide whether you want to update your integration to consume the additional API response fields.
  • Learn how to access API credentials.
  • Learn how to test your integration updates.

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