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PayPal offers NVP/SOAP APIs to help you create a payments solution that meets your specific needs. To better serve developers, PayPal offers SDKs for the most popular platforms and languages to simplify integrations. For more detailed information, access the links provided to the SDKs in the following sections.

You can choose to use a PayPal SDK instead of creating messages as NVP strings or SOAP structures. These SDKs enable you to code in your preferred programming language, such as Java, PHP, and Ruby. The SDKs also let you focus on building your application business logic using clean service interfaces.

For the following APIs, you can directly access the SDK resources for your chosen programming language:

Adaptive AccountsAdaptive Accounts Java SDKAdaptive Accounts PHP SDKAdaptive Accounts .Net SDKAdaptive Accounts Ruby SDK
Button ManagerButton Manager Java SDKButton Manager PHP SDKButton Manager .Net SDKButton Manager Ruby SDK
Express CheckoutMerchant Java SDKMerchant PHP SDKMerchant .Net SDKMerchant Ruby SDK
InvoicingInvoicing Java SDKInvoicing PHP SDKInvoicing .Net SDKInvoicing Ruby SDK
Mass PaymentsMerchant Java SDKMerchant PHP SDKMerchant .Net SDKMerchant Ruby SDK
PermissionsPermissions Java SDKPermissions PHP SDKPermissions .Net SDKPermissions Ruby SDK
Website Payments ProMerchant Java SDKMerchant PHP SDKMerchant .Net SDKMerchant Ruby SDK

The following SDKs are also supported. You can browse the source code, bundled as part of the SDK ZIP files, to understand the details of these SDKs:

Support, documentation, and other resources

Reference and other resources are available at the following locations: