Hosted Fields


We created these examples to show a few of the many possibilities of styling Hosted Fields. We recommend using your own CSS and JS to style your integration and blend the fields into your UI.

Example: Bootstrap styledanchor

Bootstrap is a popular framework for HTML, CSS and JS. This sample shows Hosted Fields integrated into a Bootstrap styled form.

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Example: Material Design styledanchor

Google's Material Design has become very popular as a visual framework for building UI components. This example shows Hosted Fields as Material Design inputs.

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Example: animating eventsanchor

You can use Hosted Fields events to detect card types and alter the UI as a customer is entering information.

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Example: minimalanchor

Hosted Fields inputs can't support custom webfonts (this is due to specific SAQ A regulations regarding server assets). However, you can still specify potential system fonts that your customer might have, and provide fallbacks.

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Example: 3D transformanchor

Accepting credit cards doesn't have to be boring! Leverage CSS transforms with Hosted Fields to make a unique form experience.

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