Card decline errors

DocsCurrentAdvancedLast updated: September 6th 2023, @ 12:43:42 pm

To understand why a card payment was declined, the Orders v2 API processor_response object includes values returned for card transactions.

The following tables list possible AVS and CVV error response decline values and descriptions.

Error response codes

Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express use the same alphabetical AVS and CVV error codes. Maestro uses numeric AVS and CVV error codes.

Choose a payment process method from the dropdown menu below:

AVS Error

AVS CodeMeaningMatched details
AAddressAddress only (no ZIP code)
BInternational "A"Address only (no ZIP code)
CInternational "N"None. The transaction is declined.
DInternational "X"Address and Postal Code
ENot allowed for MOTO (Internet/Phone) transactionsNot applicable. The transaction is declined.

CVV Error

CVV2 CodeMeaningMatched details
EError - Unrecognized or Unknown responseNot applicable
IInvalid or NullNot applicable
MMatchor CSC
NNo matchNone
PNot processedNot applicable