Create a PayPal developer account

Create a PayPal account that your development team can use to log in to the PayPal Developer site.

Use a team email address, such as, rather than an individual's email address. A team email makes it easier to share your PayPal developer account with others on your development team.

Note: A PayPal account, which you use to log in to the PayPal Developer site), is a different type of account from the sandbox accounts that you create.

PayPal does a verification check by sending an email message to the specified email address. To enable your account, respond to the PayPal verification message. If you do not receive the verification email within a few minutes after signing up, check whether the email was blocked or diverted to a spam folder.

After you enable your PayPal Developer account, use account's user name and password to log in to the PayPal Developer site. You can use your PayPal Developer account to:

  • Create one or more PayPal apps, which come with the default sandbox and production API credentials.
  • Create additional business and personal sandbox accounts for testing.


Create sandbox accounts.