Use the Sandbox Test Site

The sandbox test site ( is the customer facing element of the sandbox environment. The test site is an almost-identical instance of the live PayPal production site. With few exceptions, the behavior on the test site exactly mirrors what PayPal customers, merchants, and developers see on the live PayPal site.

Use the sandbox test site to:

  • View and manage your sandbox accounts.
  • Create and test PayPal Payments Standard features:

    • Test accepting PayPal as a payment mechanism on a website.
    • Test the purchase of multiple items in a single transaction using a single payment (a shopping cart).
    • Test refunding payments from a test buyer.
    • Test subscription buttons.
  • Review notifications generated by your mock transactions, as well as the notifications generated by the IPN Simulator.

Note: You need a buyer test account in order to complete transactions in the sandbox. Completing a transaction typically entails going through a PayPal purchase flow as a buyer. Be sure to execute your test transactions on the test site (, and not on the live PayPal site (