Learn others ways to configure Pay Later messages

The following tables describe the configuration settings for PayPal Pay Later messages.

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Messages Function

Create a pay later message object by calling the paypal.Messages function with the following parameters. Returns a pay later message object.

Value Type Description
Configuration Object Object Configures pay later message

Message Object

The pay later message object contains the following properties

Property Type Description
render Function Determines where to render the pay later message on the page. Accepts a valid CSS selector string, single HTMLElement reference, or array of HTMLElement references. Returns a Promise that resolves after all messages have rendered to the DOM.

Configuration Object

Options Type Description
placement String Informs the SDK component of the page type where the message displays. Possible values include home, category, product, cart, and payment.
amount Number The product price or cart amount in Euros. For example, 598.94€ = 598.94.
style Object Style options for credit messaging (Default shows contextual messaging with the primary logo positioned to the left.)

Note: Please note that the preview images might not reflect the actual size or message content that displays when rendered onto your website.