Customize your buyers' experience

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Extend your advanced credit and debit card integration with the following features:

FeatureWhat you get
3D SecureProvide customer authentication with 3D Secure.
Card fields style guideChange the layout, width, height, and outer styling of the card fields.
Card field eventsSubscribe to card events to make UI updates.
Fraud protectionA robust risk management toolkit for PayPal merchants who have integrated advanced credit and debit card payments.
Real-time account updaterUse real-time account updates to reduce declined card payments.
SCA payment indicatorsProcess payments that require Strong Customer Authentication.
Level 2/Level 3 processingSend additional payment information to qualify for reduced processing costs.
Update order detailsAdjust the order and transaction details during the checkout process.
Handle errorsHandle payment errors to manage the payer's checkout experience.
Initiate future transactionsWebsite Payments Pro merchants can initiate future transactions using a transaction ID.