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Last updated: Apr 2nd, 11:40pm

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PayPal offers short-term, installment payments and other special financing options that buyers can use to buy now and pay later, while merchants get paid up-front. Pay Later is included with the standard PayPal Checkout. However, specific Pay Later offers differ by country.

Pay Later in Germany includes the following:

  • PayPal Ratenzahlung - Eligible German buyers can pay in 3, 6, 12, or 24 monthly installments for purchases of 99€ to 5,000€.
  • Pay in 30 - Eligible German buyers can pay within 30 days for purchases of 1€ to 1,000€.

How it works


Note: Screen images are illustrative only.

Pay Later messaging

Pay Later messaging lets your buyers know they can buy now and pay later, if they check out with PayPal. Adding messaging to your website can help improve conversion, attract new customers, and increase order values.

Pay Later messages are dynamic, enabling you to show your customers their specific Pay Later offer, based on the contents of their shopping cart.

Example message for PayPal Ratenzahlung at 0% APR


Example message for PayPal Ratenzahlung at standard APR


Example message for Pay in 30


We recommend adding dynamic messaging throughout the shopping journey where customers see prices and subtotals, such as on product pages, the shopping cart, and checkout pages.

Pay Later button

Render the Später Bezahlen button in a one-time payment integration by passing enable-funding=paylater in the PayPal JavaScript SDK. For details, see enable funding.

You can render the payment buttons in a horizontal or vertical layout or as standalone payment buttons. When customers select the button, the Pay Later application starts in the PayPal Checkout.



You're eligible to integrate Pay Later offers in Germany if you meet all of the following:

  • You're a Germany-based PayPal merchant.
  • You have a Germany-facing website.
  • You transact in euros (EUR).
  • You have a one-time payment integration.
  • You abide by the PayPal Acceptable Use Policy.
  • You do not edit Pay Later messages with additional content, wording, marketing, or other materials to encourage use of this product. PayPal reserves the right to take action in accordance with the PayPal User Agreement.

Reference Transaction and Recurring Payment integrations aren't eligible for Pay Later offers. Website Payments Standard (WPS) integrations aren't eligible for Pay Later messaging.

How do you want to integrate?

Choose how you want to add Pay Later messaging to your site.

Add Pay Later messaging

Code the messages yourself or enable them with a commerce platform.

Code it yourselfChoose a commerce platform

Add Pay Later button

Integrate the PayPal JavaScript SDK or upgrade your existing Checkout integration.