Customize Pay Later messaging

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Learn about the customization options you can use to modify the style and layout for your Pay Later messaging.

Tip: Explore these customization options and get custom code samples with the interactive messaging tool. PayPal account required.

Customize amount

Pass the data-pp-amount attribute in each Pay Later message to render more specific text that is tailored to the product's price or total amount in a payer's shopping cart. Without an amount, the SDK uses a more generic message.

The value for the data-pp-amount attribute depends on where the Pay Later message is used:

Product detail and product list pagesProduct price
Cart or checkout pagesTotal cart value

Sample code

2 data-pp-message
3 data-pp-placement="product"
4 data-pp-amount="120.00"
5>< /div>

Customize page type

Use the data-pp-placement attribute to identify the type of page where a Pay Later message appears. This data is processed and displayed on the analytics dashboard in your merchant account. Using this information, you can view Pay Later message performance across different page types on your website.

Note: The page type attribute is only for your analytics dashboard and doesn't affect the rendered Pay Later message.

The data-pp-placement attribute accepts the following values:

  • home
  • category
  • product
  • product-list
  • cart
  • payment

For more information about the data-pp-placement attribute, see placement.

Sample code

2 data-pp-message
3 data-pp-placement="product"
4>< /div>

Customize layout

The HTML attribute data-pp-style-layout determines the message's layout. You can configure messages for different layouts and styles using optional HTML attributes. If you omit this attribute, the SDK defaults to text.

The message layout determines the available style options. The two layout options are:

  • Text-based messages: data-pp-style-layout="text"
  • Flexible display banners: data-pp-style-layout="flex"

The following examples use these 2 layouts and other attributes to show Pay Later offers next to the product, at checkout, and on the home page of a site:

  1. Product
  2. Checkout
  3. Home page

Text-based messages with the product

Display messaging next to the product to provide specific and messages related to the product.

Sample code

2 data-pp-message
3 data-pp-placement="product"
4 data-pp-amount="251.00"
5 data-pp-style-layout="text"

Sample messaging

Pay Later messaging image

Customize style

The available styling options depends on the type of messages you integrate.

For text-based messages, you can configure the following attributes:

  • Logo type
  • Logo position
  • Text color
  • Text size
  • Text align

For flexible display banners, you can configure the following attributes:

  • Color
  • Ratio

For more information about the available styling options, see the Pay Later messaging reference guide

Next steps

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