Reduce steps to pay


Last updated: Mar 9th, 12:28am

Payers can start PayPal Checkout at any point in their shopping journey. Placing payment buttons on the cart, product details page, or another page as a checkout shortcut can reduce steps to pay. For example:

  • Returning payers can select the button to check out from any page. Any items in their carts will show up at checkout.
  • Payers can skip adding payment details and a shipping address at checkout.
  • Your shipping methods and rules are still used to complete the order.
  • Payers can check out immediately after adding an item on a product details page.

Follow these best practices to give customers the fewest steps to pay.

Place buttons on cart and product details pages

Place checkout buttons on your cart and product details pages so payers can start checkout whenever they're ready.

Be sure to pass the data-page-type through the SDK to indicate the type of page where you place the button. The data-page-type parameter helps PayPal optimize button behavior based on page types.

Enable shipping address callback

The shipping address callback enables PayPal to show the accurate price, including shipping fees and taxes, when a payer provides or updates their address.

If the shipping address callback isn't integrated, PayPal can't display accurate shipping costs. The payer must return to the merchant site to see the final price and complete the transaction. Use the shipping address callback to save payers this extra step.

The callback may not be necessary when shipping fees don't change or aren't applicable.

Enable shipping options callback

Allow payers to choose a delivery method during checkout. Use the shipping options callback to update the cart amount based on the selected shipping option.

If shipping options aren't integrated, PayPal can't display your delivery options. The payer must return to the site to select delivery options before completing the transaction.

See references for onShippingAddressChange and onShippingOptionsChange.

Select button: Pay Now or Continue

Use a Pay Now or Continue button on the PayPal review page.

  • Pay Now: the payer completes the transaction on the PayPal review page.
  • Continue: the payer returns to the merchant site to complete the transaction.

Pay Now button indicates that payers will:

  1. Complete their transaction in a checkout hosted by PayPal.
  2. Return to the order confirmation page.

Continue button indicates that payers will:

  1. Confirm their payment details on the PayPal review page.
  2. Return to the merchant site to complete their transaction.

Next steps and customizations

Test integration

Test in the sandbox environment before going live.