Onboarding best practices

PayPal is interested in making the PayPal Here signup process as streamlined as possible. With this in mind, we recommend that you use the following best practices to simplify the merchant signup experience:

  • If the merchant has not set up any credit card processing relationships, messaging, or promotions on their main site, you should prompt them to do so with PayPal.
  • Dedicate a page in your back-office application to credit card processing and feature PayPal at the top of the page.
  • Give your merchants a way to remove PayPal linking. Include a message in your back-office system that advises the merchant to also disable the link on the PayPal side.

Note: If the merchant removes PayPal linking, you must delete their associated refresh tokens and access tokens.

  • After the merchant is connected, display the merchant's account email address and status to indicate which account is being used.
  • When you refer to PayPal products, use this verbiage. This terminology is required for merchants who accept swipe, contactless, and EMV credit card payments:
    • PayPal Card Processing
    • PayPal Here Account