Merchant Onboarding Overview

PayPal Here enables you to integrate PayPal payment processing with your merchant applications and Point of Sale systems.

A PayPal Here integration enables merchants to receive card swipe, key entry, EMV, and contactless payments for debit and credit cards.

This guide is intended for developers who want to provide a PayPal Here onboarding flow for merchants who use their systems. In this guide, you’ll find details on how to provide a PayPal onboarding flow in your back office and give merchants a painless way to enable PayPal Here in your apps.

Note: A merchant must have a PayPal Here-enabled account before they can accept credit card payments.

The PayPal Here SDK onboarding flow

The PayPal Here onboarding flow gives merchants a way to create a PayPal business account or upgrade to a PayPal business account from a personal or premier account and apply for PayPal Here approval.

The PayPal Here onboarding flow includes these flows:

  • The signup flow. The signup flow prompts the merchant to log in with his or her PayPal account. If the merchant does not have a PayPal account, the flow prompts him or her to create one. Then, the flow signs up the merchant for the PayPal Here product.

    • If the merchant doesn’t already have a PayPal account, the onboarding flow guides them through the steps to create a new PayPal Business account. Once they have an account, they can proceed to the next step.
    • If the merchant logs in with their existing PayPal account then they are upgraded to a Business account, if required, and are then guided through the rest of the PayPal Here onboarding flow.

    At the end of the signup flow, the merchant is assigned one of these states:

    • approved
    • manual review
    • denied

    Before a merchant can use PayPal Here to complete transactions, his or her account state must be approved.

  • The permissions flow. In this flow, the merchant grants permission to the developer so the developer’s application can make PayPal transaction requests on their behalf.

The partner back-office system

Partners typically have a browser-based or app-based back office. Merchants can log in to this back office to manage settings, view a history of their transactions, run reports, and so on. On your back office pages, typically in a section dedicated to payment processing, provide a button that, when clicked, initiates the PayPal Here onboarding flow for the merchant.