Registration for PayPal Here


PayPal Here transactions deposit the money into the merchants' PayPal account. In order to be fully ready to process these transactions, the merchant needs to set up a PayPal Business account with PayPal Here enabled.

If the merchant failed the Status check, send them through this registration process.

Follow these steps if you provide a way for US PayPal Business accounts to register for PayPal Here through your portal:

  1. Submit an HTML form post
  2. Sign in to an existing PayPal account or click to create a new one.
  3. Merchant redirect and status check

Note: The process differs slightly for those merchants based in the UK. Please see the UK Signup Guide.

At the end of the registration process, the merchant is assigned one of these states:

  • approved
  • manual review
  • denied

Before a merchant can use PayPal Here to complete transactions, their account state must be approved.

HTML form post

The following shows an example form post with the minimum requirements.

Note: The process differs slightly for those merchants based in the UK. Please see the UK Signup Guide.

<form method="post" name="pphsignup_form" action="">
  <input type="hidden" name="partnertype" value="sdk">
  <input type="hidden" name="partner_id" value="{My-Bn-Code-Id}">
  <input type="hidden" name="partner_name" value="{SDK-Partner-Id}">
  <input type="hidden" name="swiper" value="n">
  <input type="hidden" name="logourl" value="">
  <input type="submit" name="submit" value="Sign Up for PPH">

Request parameters

Parameter Description Value
partnertype Required. The partner type. SDK
partner_id Optional. An ID for the partner who built the code for the button that the merchant clicked. Obtain a BN code from your PayPal account manager. 32 characters
partner_name Optional. Partner name to use for co-branding and reference purposes in the PayPal onboarding flow. If you pass a logourl, the logo overrides the partner name. 60 characters.
returnurl Required. The URL-encoded value to the page to which to return the merchant after he or she completes the signup flow. 1024 characters.
swiper Optional. Enables the merchant to purchase a swiper as part of the onboarding flow.
  • y. The merchant can order a PayPal Here triangle swiper.
  • n. Suppresses the option to order the PayPal Here swiper. Use this option if you issue your own swipers OR for merchants who do not intend to use the PayPal swiper.
Note: Default is n.
first_name Optional. The merchant's first name. 32 characters.
last_name Optional. The merchant's last name. 32 characters.
email Optional. The merchant's email address. 127 characters.
business_name Optional. The merchant's business name. 60 characters.
business_phone Optional. The merchant's business phone number. 10 digits.
business_address1 Optional. The first line of the merchant's business address. 100 characters.
business_address2 Optional. The second line of the merchant's business address. 100 characters.
business_city Optional. The city in which the business is located. 40 characters.
business_state Optional. The state in which the business is located. 2 characters.
business_zip Optional. The zip code in which the business is located. 5 digits.
logourl Optional. An HTTPS URL pointing to the location's logo. Must be HTTPS.

Note: This form can be pre-populated using merchant information stored in your system. PayPal recommends you populate as many merchant information fields as possible, including first name, last name, email, business name, business address, and phone.

Form guidelines

  • Your system can supply any, all, or none of the merchant's information in the submitted form.
  • The merchant can edit his or her information during the onboarding flow.
  • The onboarding flow silently drops and does not generate errors for any incorrect information that the system provides.
  • Information associated with an existing PayPal account takes precedence over information submitted by your system.
  • Do not populate the home_address1 and home_address2 fields with the account owner's address information or mobile phone number. PayPal uses these fields for customer identity verification and misinformation can result in authentication decline.

Logo submission

Follow these guidelines:

Logo property Description
Max Height 66 pixels
Max Width 310 pixels
Background Transparent; the artwork is placed on a background of #F5F5F5.
Minimum Resolution 72 dpi
File Formats
  • PNG with transparency
  • JPG or GIF with a #F5F5F5 background
Color Profile RBG
  • Submit artwork that you can legally share.
  • The artwork must represent your company logo.
  • Do not include additional imagery, background colors, or words.
  • Artwork appears next to the PayPal logo and both logos must have equal prominence.

Note: PayPal does not use artwork that does not meet our guidelines or our presentation standards.

This image provides a guideline for your logo sizing and image placement:

If you have questions on these guidelines, contact your PayPal account representative.

Redirect and status check

After the merchant completes the registration process, PayPal should return them to the URL that you specified in your original redirect (the returnurl parameter). When PayPal redirects the merchant back to your site, it returns a code that indicates the status of the merchant's PayPal Here account.

The status code has two levels:

  • The first level indicates success, pending, or failure.
  • The second-level, a sub-code, contains a more detailed description of the status.
Return Status Sub-code
success approved
pending manualreview
failure Either declined or error

For example:

To configure the status check, see Status check implementation.

Guidelines for developers

  • If the check succeeds, display a congratulatory message and instruct the merchant that they can process transactions.
  • If it is not enabled yet, notify the merchant to call PayPal Customer Support to inquire about the status of their PayPal Here application.

United Kingdom

Instead of submitting an HTML form post, merchants in the United Kingdom should follow this link to register for PayPal Here:

Country Link
UK PayPal Here

The process differs for merchants in the UK:

  • The merchant's information cannot be pre-filled.
  • There is no mechanism for an automatic redirect to the originating site after the merchant signs up for a PayPal account.
  • Provide a Check Status button on the originating page, along with the sign up button, and ensure to include verbiage that explains that the merchant must return to your site to click this button after they have completed the registration process. For help implementing the status check, see Status check implementation.

After you register, you can work with our SDK.