Sandbox Testing Guide

The Sandbox enables you to test in a safe environment before moving your app into production. When you initiate a transaction in the Sandbox, PayPal creates a mock transaction. Sandbox transactions are tracked on the Sandbox site, as live transactions are tracked on the live site.

To use the Sandbox:

  1. Test accounts - Create the accounts you need to run sample transactions in the sandbox environment.
  2. Test transactions using either the iOS or Android sample applications.
  3. Log into the Sandbox with the username and password from one of your test accounts and review the status of the mock transactions associated with an account.

Note: Some rules for processing credit cards are not triggered in the Sandbox. Therefore, some credit card transactions that are successful in the Sandbox may be unsuccessful in production.

Test payment cards

PayPal doesn't provide a set of test payment cards. Many developers obtain and test with prepaid credit cards. However, if you would like to test keyed entry payments, you can use test cards that are generated at step 4 of this support page.


Configure sandbox accounts.