Configure Sandbox Accounts


To set up your PayPal Here implementation to test in the PayPal sandbox:

  1. Set up a PayPal Developer site account.
  2. Create a REST application to get your sandbox credentials.
  3. Create a sandbox account to use in the onboarding and also act as the receiver of funds.

Create a PayPal account

To access the PayPal Developer Dashboard, create a developer PayPal account that can be shared with others on your development team. Sign up with a team email address instead of an individual email to make sharing easier.

PayPal does a verification check by sending an email message to the address that you specify. Enable your account by responding to the PayPal verification message. If you do not receive the verification email within a few minutes after signing up, verify that it has not been blocked or diverted to a spam folder.

After you enable your PayPal developer account, you can log in to the Developer Dashboard with the username and password of your PayPal Developer account. You can use your PayPal Developer account to:

  • Create one or more PayPal Sandbox REST apps, which come with the client credentials you'll need to make API calls in Sandbox.
  • Create and access additional Business and Personal Sandbox accounts for testing.

Create a REST application

After you create a PayPal developer account for your team, create a PayPal REST app in the PayPal Developer Dashboard to get your API credentials.

  1. Follow the instructions in Get credentials to create an app and receive your API credentials.
  2. Make sure you enable the following functionality in your app, both sandbox and live, in order to get access to the scopes you need to gain permission to act on the merchant's behalf:

    • Log in with PayPal. When you enable Log in with PayPal, click Advanced Options and select Personal Information and Address Information, which are disabled by default. The PayPal Here SDK needs this information to gather the necessary merchant account information.
    • PayPal Here

Note: For more information on how to use a REST application, see Manage Your Apps.

Create sandbox accounts

After you create your PayPal REST app, you need an additional sandbox business account. To create a sandbox account:

  1. Log in to the Developer dashboard with the username and password of your team's PayPal Developer account.
  2. Click the Dashboard and then, in the left-hand navigation, click Sandbox > Accounts.

    Note: When you create your PayPal Developer account, a merchant test account is automatically created for you with –facilitator inserted into your email address; for example, Instead of using this default account, create additional sandbox accounts.

  3. Click the Create Account button.
  4. Fill in the values on the Create Sandbox Account page then click Create.

    Note: If you need more customization of the test values, click Create Custom Account in the Create Sandbox Account dialog.

After you click the Create button, the test account is added to your list of Dashboard > Sandbox > Accounts. You can log into the PayPal Sandbox with the username and password from your test account to review the status of the mock transactions associated with the account.

For more information, see the Managing your Sandbox accounts in the Sandbox guide.

Note: You can also create multiple accounts at a time using the Bulk Upload tool. See Uploading Sandbox accounts in bulk for details.


Test in the sandbox.