Going Live


Once you've completed your integration, done your testing, and are ready to go live with your application, be sure to read through the following considerations:

Check best practices

Be sure to read through the list of integration best practices to ensure that you're providing a great merchant experience.

Obtain live credentials

  1. Log into Dashboard and with your PayPal account credentials.
  2. On My Apps & Credentials, toggle to the Live tab.
  3. If you haven't already, create an app in the REST API apps section, and ensure the same feature toggles are selected for live that are selected for sandbox.
  4. Make note of your live credentials.

Run a live test

While you've done extensive testing in the sandbox, it's always a good thing to run a test in production:

  • Test the end-to-end flow from onboarding to payment to ensure that everything is smooth and there aren't any unexpected results.
  • When it's time to test a payment, test with a small amount and then refund the transaction back to your funding source. The minimum amount that can be processed is 1 USD, 1 AUD, or 1 GBP, depending on your location.

Application submission

When you are ready to submit your application to its respective app store, be sure that you are utilizing the release version of the SDK and not the debug version. The debug version will be rejected by the app stores.

Note: If you are developing for iOS, and using the Chip Card Reader, you will need to enroll in the Apple MFi program. In order to complete your enrollment, fill out the MFi Enrollment Form and email it to pph-sdk@paypal.com. After we receive the form, the PayPal Here team will submit it to Apple on your behalf. You will receive an update from us when the enrollment has been reviewed and approved.