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docscurrentLast updated: December 6th 2023, @ 7:05:22 am

Scope attributes

The following shows how user attributes map to OpenID Connect protocols:

User attributeCategoryScope value
NoneBasic Authenticationopenid
Full namePersonal Informationprofile
Email addressAddress Informationemail
Street addressAddress Informationaddress
CityAddress Informationaddress
StateAddress Informationaddress
CountryAddress Informationaddress
Zip codeAddress Informationaddress
Account verification statusAccount Informationhttps://uri.paypal.com/services/paypalattributes

Shows if the customer has a verified PayPal account.
PayPal account ID (payer ID)Account Informationhttps://uri.paypal.com/services/paypalattributes

The user's unique PayPal account ID used in PayPal APIs such as the Payouts API.