Grant a third party permissions

DocsLegacyLast updated: April 24th 2024, @ 3:47:01 pm

Important: NVP/SOAP is a legacy integration method. We accept new integrations and support existing integrations, but there are newer solutions. If you're starting an integration, we recommend our latest solutions.

You can manually grant permission to a third party to access specific information in your PayPal account and perform PayPal API operations on your behalf.

For example, if you're integrating with a third-party shopping cart, the cart owner needs permission to your PayPal account to perform specific operations on your behalf. You can add a third-party developer to your account on the Add New Third Party Permissions page.

Important: When you grant permissions to a third party, they can access your PayPal account information, make payments, issue refunds, search for transaction data, and more. PayPal recommends being selective in granting access to third parties.

To grant permissions to a third party:

  1. Log in to PayPal with your Personal or Business account. If you do not have an account, create one.

  2. Click Profile at the top right, and select Profile and Settings.

  3. Under Account and Security, click Account Access.

  4. In the Selling online section, click Update next to API access. You can grant or update the NVP/SOAP API permissions to your third party.

  5. On the API Access page, click Grant API Permission.

  6. Enter the name of the user to whom you will grant permissions. If you do not know the third party's PayPal user name, contact the third party to request this information.

  7. On the Add New Third Party Permissions page, select the types of permissions you want to grant to the third party and click Add.

    Important: If you don't know which permissions to select, contact your shopping cart or solution provider for details. Grant only the permissions they need for the services that they provide.

The Manage Third Party Access page shows the granted permissions.