Authentication & security


PayPal offers several services to help merchants easily manage authentication for their customers in a secure way. PayPal services enable merchants to set up PayPal accounts for customers, configure and manage permissions for customers, store customer credit card details with PayPal, and also streamline the login process.


PayPal authentication and security services include the following solutions for merchants:

  • Adaptive Accounts - Create business, premier, and personal PayPal accounts directly from your app.
  • Permissions Service - Request and obtain authorization to make API calls and take action on behalf of your customers.
  • Log in with PayPal - Enable your customers to log into your website with their PayPal credentials.

Adaptive Accounts

With the Adaptive Accounts API you can build applications that include features to enable your customers to create PayPal accounts and add payment methods to their PayPal accounts. You can also use the Adaptive Accounts API to verify a customer's PayPal account status before accepting a payment. The Adaptive Accounts API uses both RESTful and SOAP protocols and formats responses as XML, JSON or NVP.

For more information, see the Adaptive Accounts and NVP and SOAP API Reference.

Permissions Service

The PayPal Permissions Service enables your application to obtain the authorization needed to make PayPal API calls (and take action) on behalf of your customers who have PayPal accounts. With a Permissions Service-enabled application, PayPal account holders (such as merchants and customers) need not set third-party permissions in their profile and then explicitly notify you of the various permissions they have granted. Instead, your website or application can incorporate this task seamlessly with the operations in the Permissions Service API.

For more information, see the Permission Service product page and Permissions Service.

Log in with PayPal

Merchants and developers can use Log in with PayPal, a secure sign-on system that utilizes cutting-edge security standards, to manage the customer log in process. Log in with PayPal enables customers to use their PayPal credentials to securely sign up and sign into your site. This reduces cart abandonment and can increase conversion rates and sales. Also, customers won't need to create a new user account to shop and pay on your site.

For more information, see the Log in with PayPal integration guide and the Identity REST API Reference.


All services discussed in the preceding sections require a PayPal Premier account or Business account.

There are no fees to use Adaptive Accounts APIs. The Adaptive Accounts API is available in any country where PayPal is accepted. For more information, see Countries where PayPal is accepted.

If you want to use the Permissions Service, you must enable your app for the service as described in the Permissions Service - FAQ.

To use Log in with PayPal, you must configure your app with Advanced Options as described in Provide information for a Log in with PayPal app.

Support, documentation, and other resources

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