There are two ways to integrate online payments using the PayPal JavaScript SDK. The JavaScript SDK displays relevant, PayPal-supported payment methods on your page.


Compare the features of our standard payments integration and customized card field integration.

Standard payments Advanced credit and debit card payments
Benefits Quick, basic, easy payment buttons Customization for card fields
Transaction types One-time sale One-time sale, authorize and capture, voids, and refunds
Integration type Client-side and server-side Client-side and server-side
Payment methods
  • PayPal
  • Venmo
  • PayPal Pay Later offers
  • Alternative payment methods
  • Basic card processing
Availability: See where payment methods are available.
  • PayPal
  • Venmo
  • PayPal Pay Later offers
  • Alternative payment methods
  • Advanced card processing
Card form fields PayPal user experience Custom user experience
Vetting and underwriting Not required Required
Seller protection For PayPal and basic card transactions For PayPal transactions only
Risk management Handled by PayPal Customizable fraud tools with Simility

Standard payments

Set up online payments quickly with Checkout and show payment buttons that millions of consumers know and trust.

Advanced card payments

If you're looking for a custom checkout solution, set up online payments that include your business branding for the credit and debit card fields.