New features


These are the newest features or services for the Payflow Gateway.

Tip: For other changes and revisions to the developer guide, see Payflow revision history.

Payflow carding module

Payflow has updated and improved its carding module to help you better protect your account from the increasing number of carding attacks by bots.

Note: As we match the aggressive nature of bots, false positives may block normal processing of your account.

Triggering the carding module returns a response of RESULT=170&RESPMSG=Fraudulent activity detected: Carding and sends an email to all the administrators on your account, notifying them of the activity.

Tip: We suggest the following:

  1. Review the users on your account and make any needed changes to your users, contact information, or roles.
  2. Add to your address book or whitelist so you receive important status updates and notifications from the carding module.

For an example notification email, see Carding modules email.

Card on file

A card on file (CoF) transaction is one in which a cardholder authorizes a merchant to store their payment details and bill the stored account.

Currently supported processors:

  • American Express
  • FISERV Nashville
  • FISERV North
  • Paymentech Salem
  • TSYS

The Payflow SDKs have been updated to support CoF. See the Payflow Gateway SDK on GitHub for updates.

Online refunds

Today, cardholders have real-time, 24/7 access to their online banking apps through smartphones and other devices. They're more aware than ever of how quickly purchase information is updated to their account. They've also become increasingly aware that the same flow of information doesn't exist on purchase returns (credits) or refunds.

Card brands have introduced an authorization on credit transactions as an answer to that imbalance. This provides card issuers with real-time information about returns to their cardholders. For more information, see Online refunds.

Strong customer authentication

If your bank requires you to support 3D Secure 2 (3DS2) and payment services directive 2 (PSD2) customer verification, we've implemented the following for certain processors:

Payflow SDK

The Payflow SDK includes all of these new features and services and is now open-sourced.