Payflow Reports


Payflow Gateway has an XML API which enables you to develop web and desktop applications that create, schedule, and run standard (pre-defined) and custom Payflow services reports.


The Reporting API is an API that you can use to automate your report queries. It allows you to programmatically query the Reporting database using XML formatted API requests.

PayPal Manager is also a client of the Reporting API. Everything that Manager can do with reports is available to you through API calls. You can, for example, request to run a particular report within a specified date range. The response returns all the data that the report generates. The reporting engine encapsulates the information in all the Gateway services reports. You can store this information in your local database and use it as needed.

Reporting API operations

The Reporting API enables you to perform the following operations:

The standard (predefined) reports supported are described in Report Parameters.

Manage report templates

You may want to create report templates based on the reports that are supported. A report template lets you create an instance of a report. With this instance, you provide a list of parameters.

Report templates are handy when you find that you frequently need to look up reports based on the same criteria. You provide the parameters and values once, and the Reporting API saves this information with the report template. When you run the report template, you do not need to provide the parameters a second time.

Report template management enables you to perform all the following tasks:

  • Create report templates
  • Query report templates in the database
  • Retrieve report templates from the database
  • Update report templates
  • Delete report templates

Run reports by template or report name

You can run reports and report templates. To run a report or report template, you submit a runReportRequest, passing in the respective report name or report template name. You can also pass in additional parameters with a request.

To submit a request to the Reporting API, you post your XML request through HTTPS to the host URLs in the body of the request. No SDK is needed since you just perform a standard HTTPS post using the language of your choice. The Content-Type for the request should be text/plain.

Report information

You can obtain the following information about reports:

  • Report status
  • Report results

Manage report template schedules

You can create, update, and delete report template schedules.

Perform searches

You can search for payment transaction data based on search names such as TransactionIDSearch, BatchIDSearch, and AccountNumberSearch.

Application URLs

Use the following URLs for running Reporting applications.

  • Live Transactions:
  • Test Transactions:

Additional information

Use PayPal Manager, the web-based administration tool, to process transactions manually, issue credits and generate reports. The online help of the PayPal Manager website describes how to use it.

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