Upgrade your Subscriptions Integration

Migrate a legacy recurring payments integration to Subscriptions

DocsCurrentLast updated: June 12th 2021, @ 5:53:04 pm

If you are using a legacy subscription product, seamlessly upgrade to the latest Subscription product. There are no additional steps, no data migration, or reconsent.

How it works

Integrate with the latest Subscription APIs and webhooks to manage the lifecycle of all your legacy and new subscriptions with a single integration.

The current Subscription REST APIs, Catalog Product REST API and Subscriptions REST API, come with new and improved features that are relevant to today’s subscription merchant needs. You get:

  • Flexible subscription pricing plans - fixed, quantity, volume, and tiered pricing plans.
  • Customizable trial and pricing - offer free or discounted trials along with custom pricing for special use cases.
  • Simple and powerful management - manage plans and subscriptions with a rich set of lifecycle APIs and webhooks or merchant dashboard.
  • Business insights and KPIs - get real-time reports and status updates about your subscriptions business with metrics like monthly recurring revenue, growth, churn, lifetime value, trial period conversion, and so on.
  • Full stack payments - support for PayPal and credit and debit cards with single integration.

1. Integrate Subscriptions for your segment

2. Update webhooks

See the list of Subscriptions webhook events.

Migration is available for the following legacy products:

  • Website Payments Standard Subscriptions or PayPal Payments Standard
  • Express Checkout Recurring Payments (NVP/SOAP)
  • REST Recurring Payments
  • Direct Payment Recurring Payments
  • Recurring Billing or Payflow (card payments)