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Select an integration

There are 4 ways to integrate PayPal Checkout:

  • Standard Checkout helps you get set up quickly to accept PayPal and other payment methods.
  • Advanced Checkout helps you customize the checkout to match your site's branding.
  • No-Code Checkout solutions help you get payment links, buttons, and QR codes with no coding required.
  • Enterprise Checkout helps enterprises create an enterprise checkout, accept multiple payment methods, and manage payment data.

Standard Checkout

Use the JavaScript SDK to present payment buttons to your buyers so they can pay with PayPal, debit and credit cards, Pay Later options, Venmo, and alternative payment methods.

See PayPal's Custom Integration page for more information about capabilities, pricing, and other merchant resources.

You can get started quickly with this 15-minute copy-and-paste integration.

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Advanced Checkout

Use the Javascript SDK to present PayPal payment buttons and accept credit and debit card payments, all on one page. Build and customize a card payment form to accept credit and debit cards. Style the card form to align with your business branding.

Integrate advanced Checkout to accept the following payment methods:

  • PayPal, Pay Later, and Venmo.
  • Credit and debit card payments.
  • Alternative payment methods, such as Apple Pay, and iDEAL.

See PayPal's Custom Integration page for more information about branding, pricing, and other partner resources.

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Enterprise Checkout

Use Braintree Direct to build a payment form with the right level of customization for your needs. Enterprise Checkout includes the following features:

  • Accept credit and debit cards, digital wallets, and local payment methods in a single integration.
  • Securely store payment information to reduce friction at checkout.
  • Seamlessly connect with partners or service providers with flexible data sharing.
  • Help prevent fraudulent transactions, manage data security, and streamline operations.
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Feature comparison

Review the following features to choose the right checkout solution for your business needs:

FeatureStandard CheckoutAdvanced CheckoutEnterprise Checkout
Client and server-side integrations
Accept PayPal, Venmo and Pay Later Offers
Accept local payment methods
One-time sale transactions
Authentication and capture transactions
Voids and refunds
Advanced card processing
Custom user experience
Customizable fraud protection tools
Built for large enterprises
Accept Apple Pay and Google Pay
Flexible data sharing

Already integrated with PayPal?

Enhance your checkout with these additional features

Pay Later Offers

Add messaging to dynamically promote Pay Later Offers.

Save payment methods

Store a customer’s card or billing agreement to streamline future transactions.


Add the Venmo button to your standard payments integration.

Alternative Payment Methods

Accept payments from global customers using APMs.

3D Secure

Reduce the risk of fraud by authenticating card holders.


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