PayPal Checkout Best Practices


Note: This integration uses the PayPal JavaScript SDK. If you're looking for the checkout.js integration, see the archived Checkout integration guide.

Create optimal payment experiences for your customers and increase conversion by following these best practices for web and mobile integrations.

Integrate Smart Payment Buttons
Use Smart Payment Buttons in your checkout integration to deliver dynamic payment options, keep your buttons up-to-date, and track customer insights.

Feature PayPal prominently
Include PayPal on upstream pages and alongside other logos or marks.

Implement the "Pay Now" experience
Allow customers to pay and complete their order from the PayPal review page.

Allow for order completion in two or fewer steps
Create a simple, seamless checkout experience for your customers.

Accept PayPal in all purchase flows
Drive additional purchases with multi-channel options, including in-store pickups and returns.

Pass accurate billing and shipping information
Ensure consistency and fight fraud by exchanging correct customer information with PayPal.

Provide clear error messaging and resolution paths
Capture every sale and help customers quickly resolve issues.

Void authorizations and orders when needed
Use the Payments API to simplify order cancellations and resolve incomplete transactions.