Last updated: June 12th 2023, @ 9:28:51 am

Champions FAQs

How long is a PayPal Champion’s term?

  • A PayPal Champion's term is up to one year, depending on when they join the program. For 2023, we will add new Champions on a rolling basis throughout the year.

Can a PayPal Champion’s membership be renewed?

  • Yes, if the member continues to show significant contributions to the community over the past year.

Who reviews PayPal Champions applications?

  • A panel of PayPal employees and current PayPal Champions reviews each nominee’s contributions over the past 12 months for quality and impact on the community.

Can PayPal employees be PayPal Champions?

  • No, PayPal employees are not eligible for the program.

Are PayPal Champions compensated?

  • No, they may receive program perks, but they are not compensated nor employed by PayPal.

Do PayPal Champions have any obligations to PayPal?

  • PayPal Champions who wish to remain active in the program are encouraged to:
    • Contribute regularly to the community. Participate actively in Champion forums and community discussions.
    • Tag posts and social media with #PayPalChampions so we can track and amplify their contributions.
    • Identify themselves as PayPal Champions and clearly disclose their relationship with PayPal when recommending PayPal solutions.
    • Sign and abide by the PayPal Champions agreement and other program requirements provided by PayPal.
    • Remain professional and constructive in Champion-related interactions.
    • Ensure their online profile is up to date.

How can PayPal Champions share their accomplishments?

  • Wear and display PayPal Champions merchandise.
  • Share the PayPal Champions badge on social and networking sites.
  • Use the #PayPalChampions hashtag.
  • Report PayPal Champions activity so the program team can share it through blogs, social media, and other channels.

Where can I find PayPal community resources?