Identity Overview

PayPal offers a secure commerce Identity API that lets your customers sign in to your web site using their PayPal credentials. Signing in with PayPal is quick (just a user ID and password) and most often, transactions are secured with verified PayPal accounts.

PayPal Identity frees you from the need to implement a customer-management system. The Identity API manages and verifies your customer account data for you. This lets you focus on the important details of your business website, your business transactions.

Using the Identity API

Customers can use Connect with PayPal (formerly Log in with PayPal) to log into your website and give you permission to access some of their profile information.

Use Connect with PayPal, a secure sign-on system that utilizes cutting-edge security standards, to manage the customer log in process; you don't have to store user data on your system.

User experience

When a customer clicks the Connect with PayPal button, a small browser window appears for the customer to log in directly to PayPal. If you request customer profile information as part of the login, the customer can also give consent to sharing that profile information.

More about Identity

Find developer information for the PayPal Identity API: