The Log In with PayPal User Experience

Log In with PayPal user attributes

The table below maps the Log In with PayPal user information categories that you selected when you created your application to the values you pass to the scope field. The scope field sets the access privileges of the access token. The value passed must always include openid at minimum, and then you add to it the scope values for the user attributes that you would like to view. Pass the scope values in a URL encoded, space-separated, case-sensitive list, for example, scope='openid profile email'.

User attribute My apps form category Scope value
None Basic Authentication openid
Full name Personal Information profile
Date of birth Personal Information profile
Age range Personal Information
Email address Address Information email
Street address Address Information address
City Address Information address
State Address Information address
Country Address Information address
Zip code Address Information address
Phone Address Information phone
Account status (verified) Account Information
Acount type Account Information
Account creation date Account Information
Time zone Account Information profile
Locale Account Information profile
Language Account Information profile
Use Seamless Checkout Additional PayPal permissions
Gender   profile

More information

See the Log In with PayPal integration guide.

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