Connect with PayPal

Customers can use the Connect with PayPal (formerly Log In with PayPal) button to log in to your website with their PayPal credentials. For how to integrate the Identity features, see the Identity overview.

Use Connect with PayPal, a secure sign-on system that utilizes cutting-edge security standards, to manage the customer log in process.

Important: Seamless Checkout is no longer supported for existing and new integrations in 2018.

For information about other PayPal buttons, see:

Embed the Connect with PayPal button

Connect with PayPal button

The Connect with PayPal button integration consists of these components:

  • The Connect with PayPal button image that is displayed on the merchant's website.
  • The authorization endpoint and the parameters passed to it. After customers click the button, they are forwarded to this endpoint.

Use one of these methods to embed the Connect with PayPal button in the merchant's website:

Method Description
Build custom Connect with PayPal button The simplest method is to enter information into the dynamic Connect with PayPal button JavaScript builder form, which generates JavaScript code to embed in the merchant's website.
You can localize and customer the Connect with PayPal button. Additionally, the authorization endpoint and its parameters are dynamically generated from the information entered in the button builder form.
Manually embed the Connect with PayPal button To understand the inner workings of the button integration, you can choose to manually embed the standard Login with PayPal button and construct the authorization endpoint and its parameters.