Add to Cart: checkout experience


This topic provides a workflow diagram and full description of the checkout experience for an Add to Cart button configured with basic payment options. It also provides links to other topics that can help you configure advanced payment option for this button.

Checkout workflow for a basic Add to Cart button

Read a description that includes customer actions on an example retail website for each step of the workflow:

Buyers add items to the PayPal shopping cart

The basic checkout experience with the PayPal shopping cart begins when a buyer on your website adds items to the cart and then views it to check out.

In this example, Steve begins on Kin's Kards website, looking for birthday cards. Steve clicks Add to Cart under two cards that he wants. Then, he clicks View Cart to review his selections.

PayPal displays a shopping cart page, which allows the buyer to review their selections, specify quantities, and remove items before proceeding to check out. If you set up shipping rates in your account Profile, a shipping calculator is displayed at the bottom of the cart. When a buyer enters their zip code, the shipping calculator determines the shipping amount and adds it to the total. If your account Profile has sales tax associated with that zip code, the calculator also determines the tax amount and adds it to the total. If a buyer changes the zip code, the calculator uses the new zip code to recalculate the shipping and tax amounts.

In this case, Steve is satisfied with his selections and the transaction amount so he clicks Check Out.

Buyers choose how to pay

PayPal displays a billing information/log-in page, which presents the buyer with the choice of how to pay: Either entering their credit card/debit card information or logging into PayPal.

In this case, Steve is satisfied with the total transaction amount of $14.28 USD. He enters his billing and contact information, and completes his order.

Buyers view and print payment confirmation

PayPal displays a payment confirmation page after the buyer pays, which indicates the transaction and payment authorization have been successfully completed.

From the payment confirmation page, a buyer can:

  • View the PayPal transaction ID to reconcile their payments.
  • Print the receipt for their records.

    In this case, Steve prints the PayPal payment receipt for his records.

Buyers receive payment authorization notices by email

PayPal sends the buyer a payment authorization notice by email to confirm the transaction that they made with the merchant.

In this case, PayPal sends Steve an email message notifying him of his transaction with Kin's Kards and his authorization for payment of $14.28 USD.

Enhance the checkout experience

To enhance the buyer's checkout experience, you can add custom options to your payment button. The following topics describe custom button options and other PayPal Payment Standard product features: