Browser Support

SDKCurrentLast updated: January 11th 2022, @ 12:30:51 pm

Supported browsers

Support is guaranteed for the following browsers. For any browsers not on this list, the buttons could continue work, but compatibility is not guaranteed.


  • Chrome version 41 and later
  • Firefox version 43 and later
  • Safari version 8 and later
  • Opera version 12 and later
  • Edge version 14 and later


  • Chrome version 41 and later
  • Firefox version 15 and later
  • Safari version 9 and later
  • Samsung Browser 8.2 and later
  • Silk Browser 72 and later

Browser features and polyfills

The PayPal JavaScript SDK works as a standalone script, with no strict requirement for installing polyfills. However, if you use features such as fetch or Promise in your integration to call your server or run asynchronous tasks, you might need to install a polyfill to allow your app to work in older browsers.

Content security policy rules

The Smart Payment Buttons rely on rendering style and script tags on the page inside the button iframe. These tags might be blocked by your Content Security Policy rules. To avoid this:

  1. Send a nonce for both script-src and style-src directives:

    Content-Security-Policy: script-src 'nonce-xyz123'; style-src 'nonce-xyz123';

  2. Pass the nonce to the PayPal script tag:

    <script src="" data-csp-nonce="xyz-123">

Web views

  • If your site loads in a third-party web view, for example, if a buyer views your store after clicking a link on a social media mobile app, the PayPal Smart Payment Buttons continue to work.
  • PayPal recommends against loading your own site in a web view. This integration style is unsupported.

Smart Payment Buttons continue to work if popup blockers are active. However, PayPal recommends that you do not use popup blockers with this integration.