Move your app to production

Last updated: October 18th 2021, @ 3:21:59 pm

Take your application live


After you've tested your application in the sandbox, move your application to PayPal's live environment to go live.

To take your application live:

  1. Ensure your application adheres to the PayPal Application Policies and Guidelines.
  2. Obtain your live credentials.
  3. Include the new credentials in your integration.
  4. Update your PayPal endpoint.

Know before you code

If you have completed additional sandbox integrations, you also need the following live credentials to go live:

  1. Standard and advanced checkout
  2. Donate Button
  3. Subscriptions
  4. Multiparty Payments
  5. Any REST APIs

Obtain your live credentials

  1. Log into the Developer Dashboard with your merchant account.
  2. On the My Apps & Credentials page, change to Live.
  3. Click Create App in the REST API apps section.
  4. Type a name for your app and click Create App.
  5. Make a note of your REST API client ID and secret.

Include the new credentials in your integration

Add the client ID into your SDK URL. Replace the default value, which appears after client-id=, with the client ID.

For example: <script src="<Client-ID>&currency=USD">

After you replace the client ID, click the button you created. You can verify that the integration is live by checking the URL of the pop-up window. The URL should be and not

Update your PayPal endpoint

If you’re integrating using API, change the endpoint from the sandbox endpoint to the live endpoint:

Next steps

Create a live access token for your API integration here.