Transaction Event Codes

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A transaction event code is a five-digit code that classifies the transaction type based on money movement and debit or credit. A transaction event code, or T-code, is a five-character alphanumeric string, such as T0001.

A T-code has the following format:



  • <event-group> is a two-digit general accounting event group. The event group portion of the T-code is sufficient for reconciliation and report parsing.
  • <event-type-code> is a two-digit event type code.

Transaction event code tables

These tables list the transaction event codes that you use to classify a transaction.

T00nn PayPal account-to-PayPal account payment

T0000General: received payment of a type not belonging to the other T00nn categories.
T0001MassPay payment.
T0002Subscription payment. Either payment sent or payment received.
T0003Pre-approved payment (BillUser API). Either sent or received.
T0004eBay auction payment.
T0005Direct payment API.
T0006PayPal Checkout APIs.
T0007Website payments standard payment.
T0008Postage payment to carrier.
T0009Gift certificate payment. Purchase of gift certificate.
T0010Third-party auction payment.
T0011Mobile payment, made through a mobile phone.
T0012Virtual terminal payment.
T0013Donation payment.
T0014Rebate payments.
T0015Third-party payout.
T0016Third-party recoupment.
T0017Store-to-store transfers.
T0018PayPal Here payment.
T0019Generic instrument-funded payment.
T0021Cryptocurrency payment.
T-codeDescriptionExample transaction
T0100General non-payment fee of a type not belonging to the other T01nn categories.
T0101Website payments. Pro account monthly fee.
T0102Foreign bank withdrawal fee.
T0103WorldLink check withdrawal fee.
T0104Mass payment batch fee.
T0105Check withdrawal.
T0106Chargeback processing fee.Chargeback processing, or handling, fee. Charged against account that received a chargeback for a previous transaction.
T0107Payment fee.
T0108ATM withdrawal.
T0109Auto-sweep from account.
T0110International credit card withdrawal.
T0111Warranty fee for warranty purchase.
T0112Gift certificate expiration fee.
T0113Partner fee.
T0114Dispute fee.

T02nn Currency conversion

T-codeDescriptionExample transaction
T0200General currency conversion.
  1. Transfer of funds from one currency balance to a different currency balance.

  2. Withdrawal of funds from one currency balance that is covered by funds from a different currency balance.

T0201User-initiated currency conversion.
T0202Currency conversion required to cover negative balance. PayPal-system generated.

T03nn Bank deposit into PayPal account

T-codeDescriptionExample transaction
T0300General funding of PayPal account.Deposit to PayPal balance from a bank account.
T0301PayPal balance manager funding of PayPal account.PayPal-system generated.
T0302ACH funding for funds recovery from account balance.
T0303Electronic funds transfer (EFT) (German banking).

T04nn Bank withdrawal from PayPal account

T-codeDescriptionExample transaction
T0400General withdrawal from PayPal account.Settlement withdrawal or user-initiated.

T05nn Debit card

T-codeDescriptionExample transaction
T0500General PayPal debit card transaction.Requires a PayPal debit card associated with the PayPal account.
T0501Virtual PayPal debit card transaction.
T0502PayPal debit card withdrawal to ATM.
T0503Hidden virtual PayPal debit card transaction.
T0504PayPal debit card cash advance.
T0505PayPal debit authorization.

T06nn Credit card withdrawal

T-codeDescriptionExample transaction
T0600General credit card withdrawal.Reversal of purchase with a credit card. Seen only in PayPal account of the credit card owner.

T07nn Credit card deposit

T-codeDescriptionExample transaction
T0700General credit card deposit.Purchase with a credit card.
T0701Credit card deposit for negative PayPal account balance.

T08nn Bonus

T-codeDescriptionExample transaction
T0800General bonus of a type not belonging to the other T08nn categories.
T0801Debit card cash back bonus.Requires a PayPal debit card associated with the PayPal account.
T0802Merchant referral account bonus.Must have created a merchant referral bonus link.
T0803Balance manager account bonus.
T0804PayPal buyer warranty bonus.
T0805PayPal protection bonus, payout for PayPal buyer protection, payout for full protection with PayPal buyer credit.
T0806Bonus for first ACH use.
T0807Credit card security charge refund.
T0808Credit card cash back bonus.

T09nn Incentive

T0900General incentive or certificate redemption.
T0901Gift certificate redemption.
T0902Points incentive redemption.
T0903Coupon redemption.
T0904eBay loyalty incentive.
T0905Offers used as funding source.

T10nn Bill pay

T1000Bill pay transaction.

T11nn Reversal

T-codeDescriptionExample transaction
T1100General reversal of a type not belonging to the other T11nn categories.
T1101Reversal of ACH withdrawal transaction.Reversal of a withdrawal from PayPal balance to a bank account.
T1102Reversal of debit card transaction.Reversal of a debit card payment. Requires a PayPal debit card.
T1103Reversal of points usage.
T1104Reversal of ACH deposit.
T1105Reversal of general account hold.
T1106Payment reversal, initiated by PayPal.
T1107Payment refund, initiated by merchant.
T1108Fee reversal.
T1109Fee refund.
T1110Hold for dispute investigation (T15nn).To cover possible chargeback.
T1111Cancellation of hold for dispute resolution.Cancellation of temporary hold to cover possible chargeback.
T1112MAM reversal.
T1113Non-reference credit payment.
T1114MassPay reversal transaction.
T1115MassPay refund transaction.
T1116Instant payment review (IPR) reversal.
T1117Rebate or cash back reversal.
T1118Generic instrument/Open Wallet reversals (seller side).
T1119Generic instrument/Open Wallet reversals (buyer side).

T12nn Adjustment

T-codeDescriptionExample transaction
T1200General account adjustment.
T1202Chargeback reversal.
T1203Charge-off adjustment.
T1204Incentive adjustment.
T1205Reimbursement of chargeback.
T1207Chargeback re-presentment rejection.Adjustment to PayPal account for reversal of payment based on rejection of the re-presentment for a chargeback in the PayPal system.
T1208Chargeback cancellation.Adjustment to PayPal account for reversal of chargeback reversal based on cancellation of a chargeback in the PayPal system.

T13nn Authorization

Note: Appears in transaction detail report and not in settlement report.
T1300General authorization.
T1302Void of authorization.

T14nn Dividend

T1400General dividend.

T15nn Hold for dispute or other investigation

T1500General temporary hold of a type not belonging to the other T15nn categories.
T1501Account hold for open authorization.
T1502Account hold for ACH deposit.
T1503Temporary hold on available balance.

T16nn Buyer credit deposit

T-codeDescriptionExample transaction
T1600PayPal buyer credit payment funding.Must have signed up for buyer credit.
T1601BML credit. Transfer from BML.
T1602Buyer credit payment.
T1603Buyer credit payment withdrawal. Transfer to BML.

T17nn Non-bank withdrawal

T1700General withdrawal to non-bank institution.
T1701WorldLink withdrawal.

T18nn Buyer credit withdrawal

T-codeDescriptionExample transaction
T1800General buyer credit payment.Must have signed up for buyer credit.
T1801BML withdrawal. Transfer to BML.

T19nn Account correction

T1900General adjustment without business-related event.

T20nn Funds transfer from PayPal account to another

T2000General intra-account transfer.
T2001Settlement consolidation.
T2002Transfer of funds from payable.
T2003Transfer to external GL entity.
T2004Receivables financing.

T21nn Reserves and releases

T-codeDescriptionExample transaction
T2101General hold.
T2102General hold release.
T2103Reserve hold.PayPal holds n% of funds for d days as a condition for processing for you. This amount is part of your total balance and is not available for withdrawal.
T2104Reserve release.A reserve, when released, is now available for withdrawal.
T2105Payment review hold.A payment review hold is used to protect you against unauthorized fraud loss and for seller protection. While a transaction is on payment review hold, we recommend that you do not ship the item. We are reviewing this transaction for up to 24 hours.
T2106Payment review release.A payment review hold, when released, is now available for withdrawal.
T2107Payment hold.Payment holds are funds that belong to you that we set aside, such as a security deposit. This amount is part of your total balance and is not available for withdrawal.
T2108Payment hold release.A payment hold, when released, is now available for withdrawal.
T2109Gift certificate purchase.When a gift certificate is purchased by your buyer, that amount is placed on hold.
T2110Gift certificate redemption.A gift certificate, when redeemed, is available for withdrawal.
T2111Funds not yet available.While you establish a successful sales history on eBay, funds from eBay sales are usually available in 21 or fewer days, based on how you ship the order. You might get your funds faster if you print your shipping labels on eBay or PayPal, upload tracking information, or mark the item as shipped on eBay. If your buyer reports a problem with the sale, it might take longer to get funds.
T2112Funds available.These funds are available for use.
T2113Blocked payments.

T22nn Transfers

T2201Transfer to and from a credit-card-funded restricted balance.

T30nn Generic instrument and Open Wallet

T3000Generic instrument/Open Wallet transaction.

T50nn Collections and disbursements

T5000Deferred disbursement. Funds collected for disbursement.
T5001Delayed disbursement. Funds disbursed.

T97nn Payables and receivables

T9700Account receivable for shipping.
T9701Funds payable. PayPal-provided funds that must be paid back.
T9702Funds receivable. PayPal-provided funds that are being paid back.

T98nn Display only transaction

T9800Display only transaction.

T99nn Other