Identity Overview

PayPal Identity offers Connect with PayPal, formerly Log in with PayPal, a secure sign-on system that uses cutting-edge security standards, to manage the customer log in process. Customers can sign in to your web site with their PayPal credentials — just a user ID and password. Typically, transactions are secured with verified PayPal accounts, and you do not have to store user data on your system. Also, customers can give you permission to access some of their profile information.

Connect with PayPal provides an enhanced merchant experience for your customers through:

  • Simplicity. Only one user identity to remember to log in.
  • Convenience. Fewer address and bank account forms to fill out.
  • Peace of mind. As always, PayPal secures customer financial information.

PayPal Identity frees you from the need to implement a customer-management system. The Identity API manages and verifies your customer account data for you, which lets you focus on the important details of your business website — your business transactions.

Important: As of 2018, Seamless Checkout is no longer supported.

Connect with PayPal provides these customer, merchant, and developer benefits:

  • Open, standards-based solutions

    Connect with PayPal is based on OpenID Connect, which uses the open standard OpenID 2.0 and OAuth 2.0 protocols. OpenID Connect builds OAuth 2.0 capabilities into the protocol itself.

    This security enables you to trust that your users are securely logged-in. On your side, your system must manage the logged-in and log-out sessions. In addition, it must properly manage any user information provided through PayPal. PayPal can share specific user attributes only after the user consents to share those attributes with you.

  • Streamlined sign up and sign in

    Customers use their PayPal credentials to securely sign up and into your site, which reduces cart abandonment and increases conversion rates and sales. Also, customers do not need to create a user account to shop and pay on your site.

    When a customer clicks Connect with PayPal, the customer can use a small browser window to log directly into PayPal. If you request customer profile information as part of the login, the customer can consent to share that profile information.

  • Access to more customers

    Better leverage PayPal's 100 million active members.

  • Automatic updates to customers' account data

    Changes to user account data are dynamically updated.

More about Identity

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