SetCustomerBillingAgreement API Operation (NVP)


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Initiates the creation of a billing agreement.

This API operation has been deprecated starting with API version 54.0 and later.

Important: If you use Express Checkout with API version 54.0 or later, do not use the SetCustomerBillingAgreement and GetBillingAgreementCustomerDetails API operations for billing agreements. Instead, to set up a billing agreement, use the SetExpressCheckout (NVP | SOAP) API operation and set the amount value to zero. Call the GetExpressCheckoutDetails (NVP | SOAP) API operation to obtain information about the buyer and the buyer's checkout status. Then use the CreateBillingAgreement (NVP | SOAP) API operation to create the billing agreement. See the Express Checkout integration guide for more information on setting up a billing agreement.

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