Pay later offers

PayPal offers short-term, interest-free payments and other special financing options that buyers can use to buy now and pay later, while merchants still get paid up-front. Because pay later offers are included with PayPal Checkout, you won't pay additional costs.

Pay later offers include the following:

  • Pay in 4, which buyers can use to pay for purchases in four, interest-free installments.
  • PayPal Credit, a revolving line of credit that buyers can use to pay over time.


When eligible, your existing PayPal buttons change to show a new Pay Later button. When customers select Pay Later, they can pay with flexible, buy now, pay later financing offers.

Horizontal Buttons

Buy now pay later horizontal buttons

Vertical buttons

Buy now pay later vertical buttons

To show pay later options at checkout, make sure you integrate with the PayPal JavaScript SDK. If you are using a legacy integration, follow the instructions in the upgrade guide to start using the latest SDK. After you integrated with the PayPal JavaScript SDK, make sure your buttons are rendered in a vertical or horizontal layout, and finally, make sure to handle errors that might occur.


Pay later messaging helps you get the most out of PayPal’s buy now, pay later offers. You can use this onsite messaging to promote pay later offers dynamically, which can help grow your sales, attract new customers, and drive customer loyalty. By integrating the messages component of the PayPal JavaScript SDK, you can add pay later messages across your site. The SDK automatically displays messaging for the most relevant pay later offer for every purchase.

Buy now, pay later example

Buy now pay later qualifying purchases


US-based consumers are eligible for pay later offers across most of our integrations. As a merchant, you're eligible to promote pay later offers if you are US-based with a US-facing website, and have a one-time payment integration. At this time, promotion of pay later offers is not available on PayPal vaulted payments or billing agreement integrations.

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