BillOutstandingAmount API Operation (NVP)


Bills the buyer for the outstanding balance associated with a recurring payments profile.

To bill the outstanding amount:

  • The profile status must be active or suspended.
  • The profile must have a non-zero outstanding balance.
  • The amount of the payment cannot exceed the outstanding amount for the profile.

The BillOutstandingAmount call cannot be within 24 hours of a regularly scheduled payment for this profile.

Note: If another outstanding balance payment is already queued, an API error is returned.

IPN informs you about the success or failure of the outstanding payment. For Express Checkout-created profiles, the buyer receives an email notification of the payment.

BillOutstandingAmount Request Message

BillOutstandingAmount Request Fields




(Required) Must be BillOutstandingAmount.


(Required) Recurring payments profile ID returned in the CreateRecurringPaymentsProfile response.

Note: The profile must have a status of either Active or Suspended.

Character length and limitations: 14 single-byte alphanumeric characters. 19 character profile IDs are supported for compatibility with previous versions of the PayPal API.


(Optional) The amount to bill. The amount must be less than or equal to the current outstanding balance of the profile. If no value is specified, PayPal attempts to bill the entire outstanding balance amount.

Character length and limitations:

Value is typically a positive number that cannot exceed nine (9) digits in SOAP request/response for USD, CLP, or JPY or the per transaction limit for the currency. It includes no currency symbol. Most currencies require two decimal places. The decimal separator must be a period (.), and the optional thousands separator must be a comma (,). Some currencies do not allow decimals. For details, see the currency codes page.


(Optional) The reason for the non-scheduled payment. For Express Checkout-created profiles, this message is included in the email notification to the buyer for the non-scheduled payment transaction, and can also be seen by both you and the buyer on the Status History page of the PayPal account.

BillOutstandingAmount Response Message

BillOutstandingAmount Response Fields




Recurring payments profile ID returned in the CreateRecurringPaymentsProfile response. An error is returned if the profile specified in the BillOutstandingAmount request has a status of canceled or expired.

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