ManagePendingTransactionStatus API Operation (NVP)


Accepts or denies a pending transaction held by Fraud Management Filters.

ManagePendingTransactionStatus Request Message

ManagePendingTransactionStatus Request Fields

Field Description


(Required) Must be ManagePendingTransactionStatus.


(Required) The transaction ID of the payment transaction.

Character length and limitations: 17 characters except for transactions of the Order type have a character length of 19.


(Required) The operation you want to perform on the transaction. Value is:

  • Accept — Accepts the payment

  • Deny — Rejects the payment

ManagePendingTransactionStatus Response Message

ManagePendingTransactionStatus Response Fields

Field Description


(Optional) The transaction ID of the transaction with the denied or accepted payment.


Displays in the following message:

The Status of the transaction after running your action (accept/deny) is TransactionStatus.

TransactionStatus is one of the following values:

  • Pending

  • Processing

  • Completed

  • Denied

  • Reversed

  • Display Only

  • Partially Refunded

  • Created Refunded

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